About project

Innovation Coach is a leading initiative aimed at developing innovation in the Polish economy. Thanks to Innovation Coach, Polish companies have the opportunity to: 

  • participate in a unique innovation coaching process; 
  • create an idea for their first innovation with the support of industry experts; 
  • gain essential knowledge and tools to initiate research and development work; 
  • consciously seek support from public and European funds to implement their ideas; 
  • continuously develop employees' competencies through tailor-made courses and training; 
  • embark on the path of innovation and increase their chances of success. 
Innovation Coach is a flagship initiative provided by the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy in partnership with the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IPPT PAN). 

Innovation Coach is aimed at entrepreneurs who: 

  • wish to conduct research and development (R&D) work but are unsure how to initiate the process, and 
  • lack experience in acquiring funding for research and development and innovation activities. 

Innovation Coach is designed for companies that meet all of the following requirements: 

  1. registered within the territory of the Republic of Poland (RP). 
  2. their area of operation aligns with the Classification of Economic Activities (Polish acronym: KIS). 
  3. lack experience in conducting R&D activities and acquiring public funding for such purposes. 
  4. seek ideas for innovation based, among other things, on the research and development process. 
Entrepreneurs seeking participation in the Innovation Coach are presented with a valuable opportunity to collaborate closely with dedicated industry experts, known as innovation coaches. These experts possess extensive knowledge and experience in the specific field of the entrepreneur's company, allowing them to offer highly relevant insights.  
One of the key advantages of working with these innovation coaches is their expertise in identifying and highlighting potential sources of European funds specifically available for research and development (R&D) activities. This guidance can prove instrumental in securing financial support for innovative projects. 
As an integral part of Innovation Coach entrepreneurs receive complimentary support in the form of a comprehensive analysis of their company's potential. This analysis aims to identify areas where R&D efforts can be most effectively applied and to pinpoint opportunities for innovation within the business. 
Moreover, the innovation coaches provide valuable recommendations for further R&D activities, tailoring their advice to suit the unique needs and aspirations of each entrepreneur. This personalized guidance empowers entrepreneurs to make informed decisions and take confident steps toward realizing their research and development goals. 


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